Persönliche Assistenz

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Art der Anstellung Teilzeit
Geschlecht männlich/weiblich
Ort Bonn
Beginn der Beschäftigung 11.07.2016
Dauer der Beschäftigung
Beschreibung Hello people,

my name is Michael. I\\\'m british and I moved over to Germany 3 years ago on the basis of family reasons. At the moment I\\\'m participating in an \\\'Integrationskurs\\\' at the VHS to learn German.
This course is only part-time, so that is why I\\\'m looking for an part-time Job as a \\\'Persönliche Assistenz\\\'. I could work weekends or do evenings/nights/mornings in between the week - whenever you need me. In the last three years I worked as a child care assistance in kindergartens in Bonn to amongst other support the linguistic development of the children. Therefore I hope you don\\\'t mind communicating with me in English. Soon my German will get better and better! :)

I have no professional qualification in medical and health care but I\\\'m keen to undertake any training that you may feel necessary to undertake the role. As I am a reliable, friendly, flexible and patient person, I believe that I would enjoy assisting you in everyday life. I\\\'m a athletic person and I know when to retract myself. I don\\\'t mind taking care of the house work, your personal hygiene or any animals which need to get looked after. I have no allergy.
Moreover I\\\'m used to drive vans e.g. VW Buses.

Please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

Best regards
Kontaktinformation Michael
Telefon: 0176 43381080

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